David vs Feast and The Furious…

Want to know what David thought about his first “smoked” pork pie?

I came home from work Saturday afternoon and Yemi says “come on let’s go to West Bridgford, Nottingham I want to try and meet Feast and The Furious”. She has always been the food side of the blog and I thought alright, come on then after checking Forest was not at home. It was a nice day and it’s a farmers market.

She’s not from round here, the little Southern flower she is, but I knew where it would be in between Halifax and the library. It was a way to show her the sights and also, plus, well it’s food and she knows I like food. You never know if you will be kidnapped one day and I like to make sure I’m well stocked. 👍 In time you will get that!

We headed down Central Avenue to the Farmer’s market. It is held by the croquet lawns. The weather was super sunny surprising for Feb and it was a quick park at the carpark opposite the former Monkey Tree.


I admit I am a bit new to the blogging scene, but she was in her zone and found the Feast and The Furious stall and I stepped back to let her do her thing.

Feast and The Furious are based in Melton Mowbray, they specialise in smoked food. The company was established in 2017. They smoke some interesting food like cheeses, nuts, spices and the infamous Pork Pie!

Yemi had her eye on that smoked pork pie from when she had left Surrey and beelined straight for it! I later found out they smoke chocolate, CHOCOLATE YOU SAY, my sweetie! (oh, I will be back!) On hand was Jon, who showed us a few of the products that were left on display and Yemi was beaming as she was able to get her teeny paws on what she had been craving for days.

But, there is a bit of a twist to this story!

She forgot to take the pork pie out of the fridge when she had to leave back to Surrey! AND…it was I who got the pleasure of trying it out! Mwhahahahah!😏

She rang me from midway on the motorway. I had already guessed, “you forgot the pie didn’t you”. She asked me to report back to her with what I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I love food and as qualified to say my piece as she is, but I was a bit nervous as this technically was my first “review” and she threw me in the deep end. Gotta love her for that!

Now, what did I think?

As I said I was a bit nervous. I look at pork pie as a standard flavour full of jelly but I went for it anyway. She had said that the pork pie was smoked. By smoked, they use special wood chips and charcoal to cook the pie. I wasn’t sure what to expect. She has an eye for bespoke foods. Some things she says she loves to eat I wonder “what is she thinking”🤔

Feast and Furious Smoked Food

I tried a little piece at first. I was actually surprised. It was not what I was expecting at all. It was full of flavour and bloody tasty. I could smell the smokiness coming through. It was mind-blowing gorgeous. I had the plan of just having that small bit and leaving it at that. Nope, I went for more. I have to say this was one of the best pork pies I have ever tasted. I nailed the whole thing.

Where can you find this for yourself? You can purchase online and also find them at farmers market around the Nottinghamshire area.